Al-Moj has more than 15 engine repair garages, as well as 8 truck service and repair complexes and 3 diesel engine repair depots in Oman, Tajikistan and Armenia.


AL-MOUJ is a company which operates in the field of spare part. The company was established in 2001 in OMAN, the company employs over 30 qualified professionals and cooperates with aftermarket distributors and wholesalers of spare part all over the world. We supply the specialist trade for spare parts and linear motion technology all over the world - directly from Germany. with ALmouj, you ensure logistic in Euope, North and South America, and the rest of the world. Long-term cooperation and selling to about 100 countries in the world make the company a leader in the field of spare part. Our Brand MAN, MERCEDES-BENZ, MTU, MWM, PERKINS, BMW, MAHLE, BOSCH, ELRING, BF, LASO, GLYCO, GOETZE, MIBA, DT, TRUST TECH, OE GERMANY, PB, WABCO, TRW, KOLBEN SCHMIDT, DPH, BEHR, FG WILSON, ZF, FEBI Our Quality If you expect your supplier to provide you with not only impeccable original goods but also, and at all times, OUTSTANDING QUALITY in terms of the inspection of incoming and outgoing goods, comprehensive stocking and packing tailored to your needs, personalised service and constant quality assurance.